New Jersey woman sentenced to 5 years for guy’s penis enhancement death

A New Jersey woman who caused a guy’s death by injecting silicone into his penis has been sentenced to 5 years in state prison.


Kasia Rivera might also be deported to her native Jamaica under the sentence enforced Monday.

The 38-year-old East Orange woman had pleaded guilty in September to reckless manslaughter, quickly before her trial was to begin. She confessed providing the silicone injection that killed Justin Street in 2011.


Authorities say the 22-year-old East Orange male went to Rivera’s home so she might inject his the best penis pump with silicone, which he hoped would enlarge it. But the silicone she utilized wasn’t the kind utilized for medical treatments, and it triggered an embolism which killed him.

Rivera acknowledged that she wasn’t a trained doctor or licensed to administer the injection.

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Woman Whose Penis Enlargement Treatment Led to Male’s Death Gets Handed Down Her Sentence

A strange trial in New Jersey has culminated in the sentencing of Kasia Rivera for the accidental death of a man back in 2011.

According to NJ, Rivera had actually injected 22-year-old Justin Street’s penis with silicone in a failed augmentation procedure.

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The Huffington Post composed that Rivera marketed these injections in fliers published at regional companies. She then performed the injection in her apartment with no sort of medical background or training.

The silicone went directly into Street’s bloodstream, shutting down his organs. He died the next day.

Essex County Assistant Prosecutor William Neafsey told the court.

A guy passed away because of her recklessness she had no business sticking needles into anybody, particularly sticking a needle into a male s penis.


Complete stranger still, in a bizarre moment back in May, 2 jurors asserted they were approached by a male related to Rivera and were offered bribes of $5,000.

The 38-year-old pled guilty to the charges of negligent murder and has actually been sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Surcharges that she injected silicone into another woman s busts and buttocks and had a stun gun were thrown away as a part of the guilty plea.